A fisherman bitten on an arm by a shark in Ireland

A man was bitten while trying to remove from the water the shark he had shunted on a deep sea fishing expedition A man from Belfast was bitten by a shark while attempting to remove it from the water on a fishing expedition off Cork in the south of the country. The injury caused by the shark on one arm is serious.
The man was bitten by a blue shark, the most common species in Irish waters and not generally considered dangerous to humans, according to Sky News.
"It was more of a fishing accident than a shark attack, there was a bit of trouble pulling the shark on board," said a spokesman for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), an institution charity founded whose mission is the rescue of people at risk at sea in the waters of the British Isles.
The man was then transported to the mainland by boat and was taken to the University Hospital of Cork by ambulance.