A first photo of the new Chinese stealth bomber Hong-20 broadcast

Defense22: 52 11.10.2018 (updated 22:55 11.10.2018) Short URLChinese television announced the construction of the new strategic bomber who would soon make his first flight. This stealth aircraft would be able to carry more bombs than Xian H-6K Chinese bombers, military experts say. China Defense Online has confirmed the name of China's new stealth strategic bomber and announced that engineers who are building has progressed well, reports the British daily The Sun. Then, images with the silhouette of a device in the form of a flying wing, covered with a sheet, were broadcast. According to the portal The Driver, from these images it is possible to assume that the strategic bomber next generation, called H-20, will soon make its first flight.

This new generation of bombers is capable of carrying more bombs than the H-6K. They also benefit from stealth and have the ability to hit targets at a safe distance. There are very few details about the Hong-20 because the development of equipment and armaments remains highly confidential. According to experts at the news site The Driver, the new Chinese stealth aircraft would have two or four engines and could carry almost 20,000 kg of ammunition. At the same time, it would have an autonomy of about 5,000 kilometers. The manufacturers plan to equip the Hong-20 with an airborne version of the CJ-10K cruise missile.

The previous Chinese bomber Xian H-6K is a modernized version of the H-6K (Hong-6) aircraft which is in turn a licensed copy of the Soviet Tupolev Tu-16 aircraft. The Xian H6K features D-30KP2 turbines with a unit thrust of 118 kN, new air intakes, a modernized cabin and a larger radar dome. His combat load can reach 12,000 kg. The bomber can carry six CJ-10A cruise missiles (copy of the Russian Kh-55 missile).