A bear walks in a gas station and damages a minivan UAZ (video)

Unusual22: 55 09.10.2018 (updated 23:00 09.10.2018) Short URLRain inhabitants of the Russian Republic of the Altai have filmed several scenes whose main protagonists are bears walking around. It seems that bears are not so rare in Altai cities. Local media in the Russian Republic of Altai have published several videos sent by their readers where bears are walking in the street during the night. Then, in the morning, residents filmed the damage caused by these animals.

A sequence shows a bear walking around a gas station.
On another video, men show the consequences of a bear walk during the night. He seriously damaged a UAZ minivan. Traces of claws of an animal, as well as footprints are visible on the images of the sequence.
According to the local press, bears appear very often near homes this year, and they behave rather fearlessly, sometimes they are not even afraid of distress flares. Usually, animals seek food near human dwellings.